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Structural Engineer / Civil Engineer
John Wemyss B.E Civil
Structural Engineer / Civil Engineer Mt Eliza, Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne
1300 627 287
1300 627 329
My background is a broad experience across both civil and structural design, primarily in consulting with some early years in local government. I now typically manage multi-discipline design teams for both industrial / resource projects, as well as undertaking various business tasks. I have residential experience and this included troubleshooting technical issues with footings and structure. I see myself as hands-on both at work and outside of work. Recent work has included managing mechanical / pumping projects in the resource sector and this has typically included the associated structural and civil design (e.g. RC tanks, footings, platforms, walkways, pipe supports and bridges, etc) which I personally designed. Managing these projects has driven a strong interest and understanding in the interfaces with electrical, mechanical and HVAC systems which has been invaluable. Projects that I have had a significant design role (and also managed in many cases) include public aquatic centres (including the RC pool shells), water / sewer treatment plant buildings, commercial buildings (multi storey), school gymnasiums / indoor courts, large water / sewerage process tanks, cement silos, drainage systems, local roads and carparks, industrial concrete pavements, small bridges, and glulam timber portal frames (40m+ span). One of the business responsibilities I have that is relevant here, is for the professional indemnity insurance and so I am very familiar with the insurance business and the drivers from the insurers. I am also a Registered Building Practitioner – Engineering Civil.

Fields of Expertise: Bridges and Roads, Civil Engineering, Concrete Structures, Demolition and Dilapidation, Dispute Resolution, Drainage, Earthquake Damage, Engineering Civil, Engineering Structural, Hydraulics and Hydrology, Storm Damage, Structural Engineering, Swimming Pools / Spas, Tanking, Tender Documents, Timber, Value Estimates, Wet Services - Plumbing and Drainage