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Structural Engineer / Civil Engineer
John Kremer Bachelor of Applied Science in Civil Engineering – B.A.Sc. Master of Applied Science in Structural Engineering – M.A.Sc. RPEng, RPEQ
Structural Engineer / Civil Engineer Brisbane
1300 627 287
1300 627 329
John is a Civil/Structural Engineer with a Masters Degree and more than 30 years of experience in the design, construction and remediation of structures and foundations for industrial facilities, commercial installations and residential buildings. Over this time period, he has participated in greater than 150 engineering assignments ranging in size from a small residential footing design to the management of multi-discipline teams executing multi-billion dollar projects in the resource industry. A significant portion of John’s experience comes from the repair and / or upgrade of existing facilities. In addition, John has a strong background in the management and of implementation engineering solutions to complex problems. John’s career has spanned the globe, having worked as a professional engineer for 5 years Canada, 10 years in the United States, 15 years in Australia and 1 year in China. Through the course of his engineering career, John has participated in numerous risk assessment and risk management workshops including the evaluation of likelihood and consequence of risk events and he is acutely aware of the impact that engineering design can have on hazard creation and mitigation. His current role as a residential property developer puts him in a position where it is imperative to understand and manage the balance between cost, schedule, quality of construction and risk on his projects. The combination of engineering design and management experience puts John in position to understand the theory behind the behaviour of structures while at the same time appreciating the real-life issues that can contribute to the manner in which a design is implemented and actually constructed.

Fields of Expertise: Antennas and Towers, Asbestos, Civil Engineering, Concrete Structures, Conveyors, Cooling Water Systems, Cranes, Demolition and Dilapidation, Earthquake Damage, Engineering Civil, Engineering Structural, Mechanical Handling, Mineral Processing, Mining Handling Equipment, Project Management, Rail and Track, Retaining Walls, Risk Management, Roof Frames, Safety Audits, Seismic Engineering / Retrofit, Smelting, Steel Plants, Storm Damage, Structural Engineer, Tanking, Tender Documents