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Mechanical Engineer
Grahame Shaw Mechanical Engineer
Mechanical Engineer Gunn
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Grahame began his working career as an indentured Fitter and Machinist serving a five year apprenticeship at the steelworks in Newcastle. He then studied marine engineering at college and gained employment with Blue Star Line as a marine engineer on diesel driven vessels in international waters. After several years he returned to shore based work mainly in diesel driven power stations at remote mining projects. In 1990, he received his Mechanical Engineering degree from UTS. During this study period from 1985 until 1990 he worked for King Island Schelite as a cadet Engineer spending 5 months attending university in Sydney and 7 months as a cadet engineer at the mine site. After completing his degree he was transferred to Ranger Uranium Mine as a mechanical engineer. During 7 years he completed a number of projects both large and small in the capacity of project engineer. Also during this time he worked as a Senior Mechanical Engineer overseeing plant maintenance with a focus on preventative measures, including vibration analysis, protective coating and general day to day response to issues. While at Ranger in 1995 he purchased land near Darwin and developed a mango orchard. He designed the operation and carried out most of the development work himself. After leaving Ranger Uranium Mine he gained employment in Darwin with NT Gas as a Pipeline Engineer. Typical work here involved the maintenance and operation of a high pressure gas pipeline. Preventative maintenance and reporting to the regulator as per the license requirements was a significant responsibility for this position. Corrosion control is particularly important and used a number of strategies to assess the condition of the buried pipeline. These included telluric observations, coating defect analysis and intelligent inspection tool surveys. Other duties included tasks involved with modifications to existing equipment and the installation of new equipment and systems. In 2004 he resigned from NT Gas to focus on the mango orchard. During this time he accepted part time work of any nature to subsidise the cost of running the orchard. These jobs included engineering work in the gas industry, engineering and drafting work at remote mine sites, design and drafting for a drilling company. Grahame is very well placed within the MCS Group to provide high quality reports.

Fields of Expertise: Agricultural Equipment, Compressed Air Installations, Conveyors, Cooling Water Systems, Diesel Engineering/Transmissions, Drafting, Engineering Mechanical, Marine / Ship Propulsion Equipment, Mechanical Handling, Mineral Processing, Mining Handling Equipment, Plant / Machinery Commissioning, Power Station Equipment, Project Management, Pumps and Pump Systems, Tender Documents, Thermodynamics, Waste Water Treatment Plant