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Hydrologist / Civil Engineer
David Sargent BSc MSc DIC MIEAust RPEQ
Hydrologist / Civil Engineer The Gap, Greater Brisbane, National
1300 627 287
1300 627 329
David is a Member of the Institution of Engineers Australia and a Registered Professional Engineer in Queensland. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering and a Master of Science degree in Engineering Hydrology from the University of London. David has 40 years experience in the fields of water resources management; engineering hydrology; flood risk evaluation, floodplain management; river engineering and hydraulics, waterway and catchment management, stormwater investigations and design and computer modelling in Australia, UK, South-East Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, the Middle-East and Africa. Apart from seven years as a University Lecturer in Hydrology and Water Resources, David's career has been in the consulting field. He has operated his own practice since 2002 specialising in: hydrology, hydraulics, flood risk management and natural disaster risk management.

Fields of Expertise: Civil Engineering, Disaster Response, Drainage, Engineering Civil, Erosion, Hydraulics and Hydrology, Project Management